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Bottleneck of traditional leather material


  • Difficult to draw material

  • Lack of performance

  • The smell is hard to smell

  • The price is very expensive

Dermis should avoid wet water, avoid insolation, fire bake, water wash, sharp impact and contact chemical solvent, nursing trouble, after wear, repair difficult.

How to break through the bottleneck of traditional leather materials?

Want to break throughFind the exhibition state

>Who is the Pradesh?<

Dongguan zhbun Super Fiber Co., Ltd. specializes in the development, production and sales of suede super fiber, surface Superfiber and imitation leather Superfiber. Zhanbang microfiber products bundle superfine fiber polyurethane synthetic leather belongs to a new type of composite material, made of superfine fiber bundle fiber structure and properties similar to natural leather, non-woven fabric with high density three-dimensional network structure, and then filled with excellent properties and polyurethane resin processing and open pore structure. A very natural leather, its..


Product display

  • Mirror Superfiber
  • Lychee grain Superfiber
  • Napa Superfiber
  • Bovine Wenchao fiber
  • Sheep stripe Superfiber

How does it break through the bottleneck of traditional leather materials?

Six advantages of defibrine

>Why do you choose us?<

  • Health and environmental protection

  • Strong wear resistance

  • Water absorbing and breathable

  • High tear and high exfoliation

  • High processing adaptability

  • Hydrolysis resistance

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