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Which is good for the skin and the leather?
From: Dongguan zhbong Super Fiber Co., Ltd. Post date: 2017-12-13

Microfiber, a super fine fiber PU synthetic leather, is commonly used. The popular microfiber is made up of a layer of high performance PU (polyurethane resin) and microfiber base cloth. Its structure is the closest to the real leather. It belongs to the third generation of artificial leather and has excellent performance.

 Leather is also known as natural leather. As the name suggests, the dermis is made from the skins that are stripped from animals. (usually a little merciless). There are usually more cowhide, sheepskin, pig skin and so on. Of course, there are precious crocodile skin, ostrich skin and so on.

 After making a clear idea of the basic concept, the next few points are compared to the difference between the skin and the skin.

 First, the appearance. Microfiber leather look very close to the dermis (many imitation leather), but a careful comparison, leather leather pores clear, natural texture; and microfiber leather because it is artificial skin, no pores and texture more organized. Moreover, the surface of the low end Superfiber may have a sense of plastic.
 Second, weight. The proportion of the dermis is generally 0.6, and the proportion of the super fiber skin is 0.3-0.5, that is to say, the Superfiber skin is much lighter than the dermis under the same condition. For example, a bag with the same size and material needs to be distinguished from whether it is genuine leather or super fiber leather. It can be weighed and weighed.
 Third, smell. Dermis is an animal skin, so there will be a peculiar smell and even a little stench. If the formaldehyde and heavy metals exceed the standard, the dermal will often have pungent odor. And the taste of the super fiber skin should be lighter, but some low-end super fiber skin, may have a stronger plastic taste.
 Fourth, performance. The Superfiber skin and the dermis have good and practical properties. The Superfiber skin may be more wear-resistant and aging resistant, and the dermis will be more comfortable and breathable. Of course, the synthetic performance of the super fiber skin and the dermis can reach a certain balance.

 Fifth, take material. The dermis is limited by the size of the animal skin, and the properties of the varieties are not uniform, but the material of the Superfiber is more convenient and the quality and performance are more stable.
 Sixth, the price. Normally, the dermis (of course, the skin of the finger) is more expensive than the hyper - fiber skin, and the price of the dermis is fluctuating because of the change of supply and demand. However, some of the top ultra - fiber skins abroad are highly scientific and technological, more expensive than real leather, and are used in high-end applications.
 When the ordinary consumers have doubts about the skin and the real leather, it may be possible to turn the question into: what is the performance that I most concerned about? For example, you are concerned with wear resistance, which can be considered as a Superfiber; more attention is paid to air permeability, and that should be made of leather. Of course, if you choose the super fiber skin, then there should be a distinction between the advantages and disadvantages of the super fiber.