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  • Tel: 086-0769-82277499
  • Contacts:zhengweiwei
  • Fax: 086-0769-85838667
  • Address: River Road, No. 77,Houjie town,Dongguan,Guangdong,China

Company Profile

Dongguan zhbun Super Fiber Co., Ltd. specializes in the development, production and sales of suede super fiber, surface Superfiber and imitation leather Superfiber. Zhanbang microfiber products bundle superfine fiber polyurethane synthetic leather belongs to a new type of composite material, made of superfine fiber bundle fiber structure and properties similar to natural leather, non-woven fabric with high density three-dimensional network structure, and then filled with excellent properties and polyurethane resin processing and open pore structure. A very natural leather, its appearance and performance, has the characteristics of soft, comfortable, absorbent, comfortable, but also in the indexes of tensile and tear, peel strength is far superior to natural leather, and leather compared with light, friendly performance, good resistance, low temperature resistance, high color fastness, good stability, easy cutting, high yield, no pollution etc.. The market prospects are very broad.
Our products are widely used in clothing, shoes, handbags, gloves, packaging, furniture, car upholstery trim, electronic products, tablet computer, mobile phone protective sleeve sleeve and fashion accessories, products exported to Southeast Asia, America, Japan, Korea and other countries and regions, and get all customer recognition and reputation of "beyond" leather. It is also called "imitation dermis expert" by all customers.
Dongguan ZBB super fiber adhering to the "excellence, innovation and development, cooperation and win-win" concept, with excellent products and enthusiastic service to look forward to your visit.
Our company is located in No. 77, Hetian Road, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong province.
The address of the branch:
(Guangzhou) zhanbang microfiber leather: Guangzhou Railway Station No. 39 West Ocean Shores Melco hardware wholesale market square A20.
(Wenzhou) zhbun super fiber: No. 160, C District, Huanglong Zhejiang merchants shoe market, Wenzhou, Zhejiang province.

Mr. Lin Houmiao, chairman of the board, would like to welcome all of the staff to visit and negotiate on behalf of the staff of the defibrine staff.