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Super fiber | small cattle fell (1.2 thickness)

Dongguan Zhanbang Co., Ltd. Exhibition microfiber bond Co., LTD is specialized in superelin. The research and development, production and sale of veneer super fiber and imitation leather super fiber are a new type of composite material. The high density non-woven fabric with three-dimensional network structure is made of ultrafine fiber with similar structure and properties in natural leather. The refilling performance is excellent. The polyurethane resin with open microporous structure is made by processing. Its appearance and properties are very similar to natural leather. It has the characteristics of softness, fullness of hand, strong hygroscopicity, comfortable wearing and so on, and it is being stretched and torn. Peeling strength and other indicators are far better than natural leather, compared with the real leather with light weight, type preservation, good folding resistance, low temperature resistance